Accredited Cleaning Services, Inc.

Who We Are

We provide quality and reliable cleaning services throughout the North, East, South and West of San Diego. We cater to all types of businesses from hospitals, offices, salons, grocery stories and many more. We provide an extensive range of services to meet your needs including commercial kitchen steam cleaning, floor cleaning, maintenance, carpet cleaning, and a range of additional services.

Here at ACS, Inc, we invest in our clients by never stop learning and purchasing new equipment to improve the quality of our service.

Free Estimate

Receive a free, no-obligation quote by calling us at ( 619) 263-4141, faxing us at (619) 482-7333 or e-mail us at:

Why we use Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning is eco-friendly reducing and/or eliminating the use of chemical.
Steam Cleaning not only cleans, but it  sterilize, sanitize, and deodorizes almost any surface (killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, mold and other undesirable filth from any surfaces).

Our Vision

Accredited Cleaning Services, Inc. will continue to invest in equipment and technology to enhance our specific cleaning solutions. We will also constantly work to establish ourselves as the most respected and sought after contract cleaning and facilities support service in North, East, South, Central and West San Diego.

Our Mission

Accredited Cleaning Services, Inc. is committed to providing the most cost effective, environmentally friendly service available to our clients, employees and visitors of their facilities.